About 3Q Total Performance

A platform that brings self-reporting and scientific measurement together in a systematic process of collection, analysis and visualisation.

The Vision

To provide a comprehensive, interactive digital platform which accelerates the enhancement of individual and collective executive performance..

The Mission

To bring dynamic personal data collection and analysis to every motivated executive for daily use.


3 Dimensions for IQ, EQ and PQ have been established, informed by 8 Parameters for each. The Total Performance Platform presents more than 70 different graphics. Increasing numbers of executives and coaches are using the platform daily,
Next Steps

Databases are growing and benchmarks are being established.

Unpicking the complex interplay between IQ, EQ and PQ will be our priority.

New coaching and management insights will follow.

Exclusive Strategic Partnership
3Q Lab Total Performance

Stefan Ljutzkanov

Ljutzkanov Limited

PQ(lboro) Limited

Andrew Macdonald
Charles Spencer
Clyde Camburn

The Holywell Partnership Limited