Dynamic IQ and PQ Profiling

Within the 3Q Total Performance Platform, there are 8 PQ Parameters feeding into 3 PQ Dimensions. These map onto 8 IQ Parameters and 3 IQ Dimensions.

Statistical patterns and correlations become clear over time.

EQ and PQ -New Insights

Are Anxiety levels linked to Sleep Quality? Is Network Engagement affected by General Stress Levels?

Daily fluctuations are identified and visualised in the 3Q Total Performance Platform.

3Q =IQ x EQ x PQ  

Exceptional Performance is built upon Geometric Multipliers

New Insights, established Applied Science
The PQ Revolution

The Physiological Quotient transforms the Performance Management template for executives. Measuring PQ Capacity, PQ Performance and PQ Recovery resets priorities. Individual baseline profiles can be integrated into coaching programmes and management processes.

Accumulated Stress

Persistent residual Stress is endemic across executive workforces. Reduced levels will lift IQ and EQ scores.

24 Hour Recovery

Total Recovery can now be measured. Optimising Total 3Q Performance requires prioritisation of Recovery.

IQ Enhancement

As Artificial Intelligence delivers increasingly powerful performance, the role and capacity of the human brain have come under intense scrutiny. Daniel Kahneman's concepts of 'Thinking Fast and Slow' create an environment for integrating and managing IQ within a broader 3Q framework.

Organisation of Ideas

How synchronised and prepared are your daily thoughts and ideas?

Intensity of Focus

Clarity requires consistent concentration and the absence of distraction.

Expertise Growth

Learning engages and motivates. Individual curves flatten if not managed.

Digital Synthesis

Technology is unevenly integrated by executives into their cognitive processes.

Diversity demands Emotional Intelligence
Conscious EQ Management

Relationships cannot thrive without communication and empathy. Both require honest self-assessment and adjustment from each party.


Energy and purpose are infectious within organisations. As are there opposites.

Emotional Bandwidth

Genuine availability separates true partners and mentors from fellow travellers in high performing environments.